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Short Profound Poem on the Environment

Garbage in the Woods
( short profound poem on the environment )

Garbage in the Woods
do you ever feel like
an automobile carcass
alone in the woods?
the forest confused
whispering, knowing
you don't belong
with an ecology
all to your own
an unknown

Short Funny Political Poem on Government

We the People
( short funny political poem on government )

We the People
we the people
are different than
the frogs, the sky
the streams
and the tomatoes

Modern Free Verse Poem on Diversity

Capable of Anything
( modern free verse poem on diversity )

Capable of Anything
these words
will come at you
like a person
(capable of anything)
these words
like a person
eternally draw upon
a deep unconscious motive
to balance, harmonize
share, respect, and love
so what may first have been
alarmingly different
is at the root and heart
the same